Auto Glass Association Newsletter August 2020


NSW Licensing for Auto Glaziers  

On the 19 June, 2020 The NSW Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation KEVIN ANDERSON, MP. released an amendment to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2020 under the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013.

What this meant was that in NSW, repairer's identified as per the Motor Dealers And Repairers Act 2013 would need to be licensed and employ certified tradespeople to do any repairs that affect the safety or performance of a vehicle by the 1st September 2020.

After a robust consultation period between the AGA and NSW Department of Fair Trade we were pleased to be able to advise our members that on Friday 21 August 2020 Member For Tamworth and NSW Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson, MP announced that the Auto Glass and Electrical Accessories industries will be given an exception to meet licensing requirements until November 2021.

In reference to the amendments announced on the 19 June 2020 to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Amendment (Tradesperson's Certificates) Regulation 2020 Mr Anderson said" the Auto Glass and Electrical Accessories component of the Automotive Industry are not ready to change so they've been given an exemption on having that Cert ll qualification, their exemption now goes to November 2021. So, it's business as usual for Auto Glass and Electrical Accessories trades they won't need to change anything they will be able to continue as normal"  

This was also confirmed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading who will provide  further information as to what this means and how the transition period will be implemented.

The AGA is continuing to work closely with the relevant parties with an aim to provide our members ongoing information, resources, and support to meet the new licensing requirements by November 2021.

Sydney Auto Glass Trade Show

In the interest of public health and the developing situation regarding COVID-19 virus, we unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to postpone the AGA Trade Event scheduled to take place in Sydney on Saturday 21 March 2020.

We continue to monitor this situation with an aim to announcing new dates for this event to proceed once Australian Government Department  Of Health and relevant State and Territory restrictions are lifted to an extent that will allow for a safe and successful event.

This fledgling event aims to be the first of its kind for the Auto Glass industry in Australia and although it will not reach the heights of our overseas counterparts it is an excellent opportunity for providers of products and services for the auto glass industry to gain exposure and showcase their latest offers.

For auto glass company owners and technicians, it is an opportunity to learn from each other, meet with suppliers and see first had the latest industry tools and technological advancements.

And hopefully it will pave the way for future events of its kind in Australia.


Covid-19 and the Auto Glass Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a challenging time for many businesses, and the auto glass industry in so exception.

Whilst many auto glass businesses have been able to continue with business as usual; others have experienced significant downturns in trade which has created increased economic pressure that has resulted to changes in staff working hours and opening times.

Businesses have had to modify their business practice to ensure the health and safety of the staff and public.

To assist with this process the AGA released its COVID 19 Cleaning and Disinfectant Principles fact sheet.

Download the AGA COVID 19 Cleaning and Disinfectant Principles Fact Sheet

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Vehicle Award Changes

Did you know?

The Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award 2010 (Vehicle Award) is changing to become the Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award 2020 (New Vehicle Award).

If you are an employer in the Auto Glass Industry you should.

  • Be aware that from 29 May 2020 employees will be covered by the new Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award 2020
  • Review the new vehicle award at Fair Work Commission - Modern Awards List 
  • Implement any changes to your existing employment contracts, policies etc
  • Provide employees with access to a copy of the new applicable award
If you need help understanding the new award and how these changes affect you and your employees contact the Employsure Advice Team using reference ERA0871 on 1300 651 415 or email

AGA and AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) Working Together

Stuart Charity AAAA Chief Executive Officer of the AAAA says "there are significant synergies between the AGA and AAAA which present a range of opportunities where the two associations can complement each other"

The AAAA is the only independent, national, member owned organisation representing the Australian Automotive Aftermarket, the AAAA has had a wide reaching and definite impact on the industry, AAAA members and their customers.

The AAAA who has longed championed the Choice of Repairer campaign on behalf of their members and the wider industry. And was integral to the Australian governments landmark announcement in October 2019 that they would introduce a mandatory data sharing law. 

Article: New Mandatory Data Sharing Law to Transform Automotive Repair Industry

In 2020 the AAAA will celebrate 40 years of servicing the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

Read more at: AAAA will celebrated 40 years of serving the automotive Aftermarket Industry

Working with AAAA the AGA will be a supporting association of the Australia Auto Aftermarket and Collision Repair Expo 29 April to 01 May 2021

The Expo is the single largest event of its kind in Australia featuring the very latest in automotive parts, accessories, workshop tools and equipment. Attracting over 350 exhibitors and 10,000 domestic and international trade visitors, the 2021 Expo will showcase a comprehensive range of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories, tools and equipment from the industry's leading companies and brands.

In December 2019 opened its first Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) The state-of-the-art facility in Mulgrave, Melbourne. The Auto Innovation Centre offers a mix of key services to the automotive industry and will be a Hub for automotive training and education, playing a key role in inspiring the next generation of automotive industry workers.

We would like to work closely with the AGA with a view to potentially offering training and/or ADAS recalibration services to AGA members

Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT)

The windscreen and adhesive industries have invested significant dollars and man hours to establish the science of 'safe drive away time' (SDAT) says the Auto Glass Association (AGA).

Almost a third of a vehicle's structural strength is derived from its windscreen. That’s' why extensive research and development goes into determining the SDAT, which specifies the period of time a vehicle should be out of service after having a new windscreen fitted.

AGA president Rick Janssen comments, "Striking a balance between safety and the vehicle owner's desire to get back on the road is an auto Glass industry science, and like so many facets of the industry it's one that's constantly evolving ."

To a large extent a vehicle's total restraint system, which includes airbags, seat belts and belt tensioners, relies on the integrity of the windscreen and the adhesive bond securing the glass to the vehicle.

In a front end collision where occupants have not used their seat belts, the windscreen supports the inflated airbags and restrains the passengers.

"Quite literally, the lives of a vehicle's occupants can depend on the integrity of the windscreen and its correct installation in an accident. Not only do installers need to follow installation procedures, they must also use the right products and stick strictly to all the instructions from the manufacturer, Janssen says.

"With the dynamic and competitive nature of the market there is a constant quest for new direct glazing adhesives and processes that result in faster setting and more accurate SDAT recommendations."


The Australian Standards AS4739:2017 Direct glazed automotive glass replacement—Light vehicles lists that a direct glazing adhesive system shall meet or exceed the frontal impact test requirements of FMVSS 212 to establish safe drive away times.

The current FMVSS 212 standard refers to the windscreen mounting and therefore relates to the direct glazing adhesive.


Tests show airbags are completely inflated about 30 milliseconds (ms) after deployment and the front seat passengers make contact with the airbags about 50ms after that start of a crash. The entire crash typically takes about 100ms.

"Given the complex variables, several direct glazing adhesive manufacturers saw the need to develop a reliable method of determining SDAT. Advancements in Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and computer simulation of FMVSS 212 meant the forces involved in a crash could be understood, including the crucial interaction between the vehicle occupants, airbags, seatbelts and windscreen,".

It is understood the forces on the windscreen during a crash can be categorised as (listed in the sequence they occur):

1. Inertial forces of windscreen mass

2. Forces from the pressure increase in the passenger compartment during deployment of airbags

3. Forces transferred to the windscreen via airbags from the impact of the passengers

"To better understand crash dynamics, computer simulations can accurately determine the direction and level of forces transferred to the windscreen adhesive from the passenger via the airbag and windscreen. High impact testing and 'real-life' crash test give the final green light for newly developed products.

Direct Glazing Adhesive manufacturers achieving the test certificate from an accredited test authority provides all stakeholders the confidence a particular direct glazing adhesive meets the requirements of FMVSS 212 (crashes vehicles at 48km/h) or Euro NCAP (crashes vehicles at 64km/h) at the tested SDAT.

There are some assumptions and considerations that factor into a SDAT recommendation. Ambient temperatures during the application and curing of the one-part direct glazing adhesive can also affect the SDAT. Installers should always check with the adhesive supplier or the technical data sheet for the SDAT on the particular product they are using as not all products are the same. Usually, a direct glazing adhesive is not fully cured when the SDAT is achieved. However, it has developed a level of strength sufficient to meet the particular test standard requirement.


It is also important to note that achieving the required SDAT and weathering performance is reliant on the correct application of the adhesive to achieve an optimum bond.

The use of a properly shaped adhesive bead is critical when installing replacement auto glass.

Most direct glazing adhesive manufacturers recommend the use of a triangular (V) bead because it is the only shape that guarantees no air bubbles can get trapped between the fresh adhesive and the glass or pinchweld when the glass is placed into the vehicle.

As the glass is installed, the peak of the triangle is the first point of contact. As the glass is lowered into place, the top of the triangle is pushed down into the adhesive bead. This forces the top of the bead to bow out as the glass is lowered further. Since the adhesive is being pushed out from the centre, the contact moves from the centre to the final edge of the bead. Air is forced away from the bead and prevented from becoming trapped.

Also, many direct glazing adhesives are fast skinning and using a triangle (V) bead helps a lightly skinned product to break and optimise “wetting” of the DGA to the other substrate.

Square beads can present problems when the nozzle is cut poorly. If any dip is present in the centre of the bead, the outside edges will make contact with the glass or pinchweld first. This can create an air pocket that can result in leaks or adhesive failure in the event of a crash.

A similar problem exists with round beads. If the bead rolls as the glass is installed, or uneven pressure is placed on it, an outside edge can make contact with the bonding surface before the centre of the bead, creating air pockets.

The following questions should be asked and answered by the installer before starting a replacement:

  • Do I understand the data that my supplier has provided?
  • Am I clear on the airbags installed in the vehicle?
  • Will the weather impact my process?
  • Do I trust the published test certificate SDAT information that protects the safety of my customers and my business? Is the test certificate from the manufacturer and from an accredited test authority?

It’s important to use a respected direct adhesive suppliers’ product and follow their application procedures as they will have performed a tremendous amount of lab testing, engineering and crash testing to verify its SDAT recommendations.


ICAR White Paper ADAD

ADAS is one of the most significant changes to occur in the Auto glazing industry in its history and although some may believe that technology advancements will eventually surpass the current. That all the hype around calibration and the changes to how we do business as a result of ADAs will be short lived as autonomous vehicles enter the market and vehicle technology advances to the point of self-calibration. Ignoring the present could have devastating customer outcomes and leave the industry open to regulatory sanctions and legal proceedings.

Mark Czvitkovits from I-CAR Australia has written an excellent white paper on the subject which everyone working in the industry should read. 

Download it here. ADAS white paper

Have you heard about Jack?

Jack is a box that can be fitted to any windscreen in less than 30 seconds. No tools needed, no wires attached, no hassle at all. What Jack does, is detect, diagnose and notify even the slightest nick or crack to the windscreen. You’re informed instantly, giving you the chance to boost your repair ratio. 

Read more HERE

Jack is a brand of AGC Automotive Europe visit

AGA Logo

The AGA logo is a valuable marketing tool. The AGA logo identifies its products and services and distinguishes the AGA and its members. The logo carries with it the same reputation of integrity and quality assurance that the organisation has earned.

You cannot put a price on the marketing value AGA membership gives your brand - if you promote it properly. Placing the logo on materials, displaying your certificate, publicising your membership online and informing customers you abide by the association's code of practice can set your business apart

In order to protect its lawful rights, the AGA logo must be used in accordance with the AGA Logo Licence Agreement  It is essential to the value of the association and the organisation that these standards be maintained.

For assistance in any aspect of our logo usage, please contact the AGA secretariat at

Under no circumstances should the AGA logo be used in any way which is misleading or by a non-member individual or company who does not have a financial relationship with AGA. The agreement to use the AGA Logo will expire when an individual or companies' membership expires or is deemed non-financial.  

New AGA Website Launch

The AGA will be launching its new website over the coming weeks, all members will receive an email with updated login details for the "Members Only" section.